Answer Generator - Trigger Associations

Answer Generator - Trigger Associations link an Answer Generator with a Trigger. The existence of an association between Answer Generator G with Trigger T means that G has enough information to execute as long as T activated. Since Triggers specify a set of Content Recognizers to execute and a set of Semantic Data Collections to search, and typically only activate if a recognition key is present in combined recognition results, Answer Generators can typically rely on at least on recognition result to be present.

There can be at most one Association linking a given Answer Generator with a given Trigger.

Multiple Triggers can be associated with a single Answer Generator. When a user selects an Answer Generator to add, he is asked to select which of the associated Trigger(s) must be activated so for the Answer Generator to be run.

To create an Answer Generator - Trigger Association, use the creation form. There you specify the Answer Generator and Trigger to associate, as well as a subset of the common plugin properties (unlike other plugins, Answer Generator - Trigger Associations do not have a name or localized descriptors).