Example Queries

Here are some example queries to give you an idea of the capabilities of Solve for All.

Note Many of the queries below start with activation codes (like ?html) but these aren't necessary if you have the Answer Generator in your preferences. If you like an answer, you can hover over the top right corner of the containing box to reveal a link to the Answer Generator. After you click the link, you can add the Answer Generator to your preferences.


  • Doctor payments by drug companies: Karen Underwood
    You can look up any doctor in the US to see how much he/she is getting paid by drug companies (in the form of drugs, travel, consulting fees, research, meals, etc). Conflict of interest? You decide.
  • Drug company payments to doctors: Genentech
    See how much drug/medical device companies are paying doctors.
  • Medicare reimbursement by CPT code: ?cpt 86694
    Hope this helps to fight outrageous medical bills.


  • Twitter Timelines: @BrendanEich
    Creator of Javascript, brought down by the political correctness mob for having a stupid opinion outside of work.
  • Email: lsantos@pivotallabs.com
    A former co-worker of Jeff from Pivotal Labs. A really smart and funny guy who probably won't mind me publishing his email address to the entire internet.
  • Phone Numbers: ?callerid 858-657-7000
    UCSD Medical Center's phone number. They will transfer you endlessly and dismiss your billing issues after gouging you with outrageous "facility charges" without warning you first. Beware! If you live in the San Diego area, Scripps and Kaiser Permanente are much more reasonable health care providers. We've heard good things about Sharp as well. Basically, choose any other provider besides UCSD and Tri-Cities.
  • Skype: ?skype echo123
    Creates a Quick Link that opens the Skype application




(Human) Languages








  • Stock Quotes: hal
    Halliburton, the biggest exploiter of the United States government