Android Integration


You can use Solve for All for searching in a native app-like experience on Android devices by following the instructions below.

Note that you can also just use the web site from Chrome or Firefox and it should be fine for searching. It may even be better than native search apps because there are no ads and lots of inline answers so you get the information you want without clicking additional links.

Customizing your answer preferences and publishing content doesn't work very well on mobile but we'll be working to improve that.

Detailed Instructions

First, open Chrome and go to our home page. Then select the 3 vertical dots on the top of the menu bar , and Chrome will display a menu:

Chrome for Android menu with add to homescreen option

Select Add to homescreen. Then Chrome will ask you to name the link on your homescreen. We suggest Solve for All, but feel free to name it anything you like:

Add to homescreen dialog box in Chrome for Android

Press Add and Chrome will add an icon to your homescreen:

Solve for All homescreen icon in Android

When you select the icon, you'll see the home page of Solve for All, but with the tab and address bars removed. Entering a query on the home page yields something like this:

Solve for All web app in Android

The lock icon in an orange box is an unfortunate reminder that there is mixed content on the page. But rest assured, all communication with Solve for All is encrypted and embedded content is sandboxed for your security.

You are done. Enjoy!