Chrome Integration


On the desktop version of Chrome, the recommended way to integrate with Solve for All is to install the Solve for All Chrome Extension. Although you can add Solve for All as a search provider to Chrome, Chrome doesn't make it easy to switch between search providers. If you still want to search Google, it is rather inconvenient to switch to using Solve for All, and back again, since you have to go to the settings to do so. On the other hand, if you install the extension, you can either enter queries in the omnibox by prefixing them with s, enter queries in the popup's search box, or simply highlight text.

If you want a browser with the ability to switch search providers easily, we suggest Firefox.

That said, if Solve for All is your favorite answer engine and you don't want to / can't install the extension, follow the instructions below.

The instructions also work on Chromium and variants like Opera.

Detailed Instructions

You can make Solve for All your default search provider by first visiting the home page of Solve for All, then going to the settings of Chrome. You should see a section like this:

Chrome search settings

Select the Manage search engines... button and you should see Solve for All under Other search engines:

Making Solve for All the default search engine in Chrome

Now click the blue Make default label. Solve for All will then appear in the Default search settings and will be the default search engine:

Solve for All now the default search engine in Chrome

You are done! From now on, Solve for All will be used to search whenever you enter a query into the omnibox! You can always switch to another search engine by making it the default in the settings, but it is kind of a pain. Fortunately, by default, the answer page of Solve for All always shows a link to the Google search results for your query.