Solve for All

A community-built search engine & feed reader that protects your privacy

  • The general search results you expect, plus results from Feeds you read and community-created plugins
  • Specialized engines created by the community
  • Obtrusive ad-free
  • Never shares your search history with third parties
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How Solve for All is different

Personalized results

In addition to the general web search results that you expect, you get results from the Feeds you read and community-created plugins that you've enabled. This helps you stay engaged with your favorite sites that might not appear in public search results.

You're in control

You decide which sources you want your search results from, and when to include them, not us. We start you off with sensible defaults which you can modify to your heart's content.

No obtrusive ads

Solve for All doesn't clutter your search results page with annoying, insecure ads. More info

Most ads are annoying, deceptive, insecure, and creepy. They take up valuable space and bandwidth, slow down your browser, eat up your battery, brainwash kids, and have a corrupting influence over content providers. That's why we don't embed obtrusive ads in your answers page, making finding what you want easier and allowing you to trust the content in the answers, without having to filter out stealth ads that masquerade as real information.

Instead, we only include affiliate links that do not track you, leak information or load scripts from third-parties. We try to show ads that are helpful, for products/services that are individually approved by our team. We show affiliate links only after the main search results to avoid confusion.

Private by default

Solve for All never shares your personal data, settings, or search history with third parties without your explicit permission, unless required by US law. More info

Right now, Solve for All does not collect your search history, and deletes activity logs once they are 6 days old. Even if we are legally required to share a user's search history, there won't be anything to share older than 6 days. In the future, Solve for All might use your search history to improve results for you and other users, but only if you opt-in. For more details, see our privacy policy.

Some features like viewing videos on the answers page may cause your IP address (but not your search queries) to be leaked, but these features are disabled by default.

Content provider-neutral

We will never censor or block links to competitors, and will never prefer one content provider (or ourselves) over another for competitive or financial reasons. More info

Unlike other search engines owned by companies with extensive content portfolios, we have no interest in directing you to any particular content provider. We only aim for the best experience for our users, and promise to keep it this way.

By default, your search results page contains links to search results on Google and DuckDuckGo, because there are times these sites have better results than Solve for All. We show you results from Amazon when you are shopping, and reviews from Yelp when you are looking for restaurants, because these are the best sources, not because we get the highest commission.

Extendable by the community

Solve for All allows developers to add answer sources without our involvement, so you can get search results from anyone, not just us. More info

Plugins to Solve for All can understand queries, produce answers, and more. Developers can also upload data to be searched by anyone. Plugins and data don't need approval before becoming available to all users immediately.

Developers can create plugins without any code, or write them in Javascript.


Specialized engines created by the community

Engines are collections of configured plugins that search multiple sources within a particular domain. Engines are created by users and can be shared. Searching with an Engine leverages the knowledge of a domain expert to search like a boss. You can select multiple Engines and activate them with keywords, activation codes, or by default. More info

Examples include Engines for finding music, video, images, deals, and reviews from multiple sites.

Engines also act as Feed folders, so in the Reader, you can read a selection of Feeds curated by other users.

Integrated feed reader

Solve for All includes an integrated RSS feed reader which allows you to read feeds of the latest news from many sites. By adding feeds to the Reader, you are adding them as sources for your search results. You can also get search results for text selections without leaving the Reader.

Extreme customization

Solve for All allows you to choose community-created plugins that produce the results you want. You can choose to how to activate, grant permissions, and configure settings for each plugin.

Community-created inline answers

Inline answers are blocks of content that show you exactly the information you are looking for, instead of just links to other sites. You can choose multiple plugins, created by the community, that produce inline answers. More info

Examples include Wikipedia articles, definitions, maps, shopping results, reviews, and documentation. Check out the example queries for more examples of helpful inline answers.

Thumbnails and more

Solve for All shows you thumbnails for links on your search results page, along with ratings, movie running times, recipe details, and more -- provided that you have enabled this feature.


You can view many sites (including Wikipedia) in a large preview area on your search results page, so you don't have open sites in yet another browser tab.

Access to the deep web

Solve for All plugins can produce links or content that are not discoverable by web crawling. This includes content derived from external APIs, links to search result pages on other sites, locations visible only to authenticated users, or to locations in your private network.


Solve for All embeds content from many sites (including and SlideShare) whenever your search results contain an eligible link -- provided that you have enabled embeddings.

Multiple search engines one click away

Solve for All shows you links to the search results pages for Google and DuckDuckGo by default (you can change this), in case you want to check the results from other search engines. Typing a query once in Solve for All is all you need to do.

Customization options

Flexible activation

Activate sources of answers using keywords, patterns, custom triggering conditions, or activation codes.


Plugins can use your personal data, like your current location, home/work addresses, and email addresses to customize the content they show you -- but only if you grant permission.

User preferences

You can modify the behavior of many plugins by setting preferences, to get exactly the results you want. More info

For example, you can specify that Google Maps be shown for a location at a particular zoom level, instead of having to set zoom yourself each time you click on a Google Maps link. If you are a Python programmer, you can specify that only documentation for the Python 2.7 libraries be shown in response to a query for a Python module.

Watch a demo video (10 mins)

You can also view the transcript or a longer version that goes more in depth.

Questions and Answers

Is this free?

During our beta period, all features of Solve for All are available free of charge, with some usage limits. We only ask for, but do not require, your feedback which we will use to make Solve for All a better product.

Even after we introduce paid options, we will try hard to keep access to free services and data free for personal use. However, our web search provider, Bing, is not free to use.

How do you plan on making money?

Once we are confident that Solve for All is worth paying for, we plan to charge for more generous usage limits, like the number of plugins you can use in a single search request, the number of Feeds you can subscribe to, or for private plugins and data. More

We may also charge for the services and data that we use that are paid, and take a small cut. In the future, if you are a paying customer, you'll be able to get results from paid sources in your search results page.

Finally, we are exploring alternate business models that would support creative individuals.

How does Solve for All compare with Google?

Frankly, if you just want the best matches of documents in the public web, intended for the general public, and don't care about privacy, Google is probably your best bet. For now, Google responds faster and has better auto-completion of common queries (we're working on improving this).

However, if you want to use specialized engines, want more control over your search results or results from the community, or value your privacy, consider trying Solve for All. For general web searches, Solve for All gets results from Bing which are nearly identical for most queries. Also, Google search results are always just a single click away on your search results page.


How does Solve for All compare with DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is an excellent search engine which is focused on privacy. It also has inline answers, activation codes, and a plugin system. Since there are no user accounts in DuckDuckGo, it isn't possible to customize it as much as Solve for All. Also, its plugins are mostly written in Perl, and must be approved and manually integrated before becoming available. In contrast, Solve for All plugins are written in Javascript and are available immediately after you create them.

Why are you doing this?

Personal answer from the founder I'm concerned that just a few huge corporations have a monopoly over the choke points of the internet, and that they don't have their users' best interests at heart. I believe the internet needs more neutral gateways that help users find and discover content without sacrificing their privacy or forcing them to view ads. More

While I am open to outside investment, I am committed to retaining majority control over Solve for All and keeping it running, without selling you out. I like software consulting and wouldn't mind going back to it to make a living (while keeping Solve for All running), but I absolutely refuse to betray your trust.

Jeff Tsay

Is Solve for All open source?

We want to make Solve for All open source eventually, but we aren't ready yet. For now, Solve for All is not open source, but many of its plugins are. More

We want to make Solve for All open source so that the open source community can improve the product and review the product's security and transparency. That said, we worry that bad actors (not in the William Shatner sense) might take the code and run a competing site backed by an army of employee-developers, or try to find security holes to exploit for malicious reasons.

If you are interested in contributing to the code, or have any thoughts about how to make this project open source, please comment on the GitHub issue or email us at

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Create a free account You can use your account on GitHub, Twitter, Google, Facebook, or other sites if you like.