Google Chrome Extension

What is it?

The Solve for All Chrome Extension is a useful tool to get answers without interrupting your workflow.

The problem

Consider the old process for doing a web search:

  1. (Optional) Copy the text to be searched
  2. Open a new tab
  3. Either paste the text copied in step 1), or enter it into the search box of your browser
  4. Scan the page previews to find the link you are looking for on the result page and select it
  5. If the link points to text that doesn't have the information you are looking for, hit the back button and repeat step 4)

The solution

With a Solve for All browser extension, the process is much easier:

  1. Select the text to be searched in your browser, or enter your query into the extension's search box
  2. Each search result is instantly displayed in a tab of another window. If the current tab doesn't have the information you are looking for, close it and/or switch to a different tab.

That's it! This is especially useful for reading text in a foreign language.


You can highlight text on any web page and have Solve for All generate answers for the text. Answers will be shown in a separate window which is reused across requests. This is very useful for reading text in another language, when you have an appropriate dictionary Answer Generator configured.

Unlike the web site, links displayed by the extension can be previewed without adjusting security settings in Chrome.

The Chrome extension also works with Chromium and variants like Opera.


Normally, you will want to open the popup and type your search query. To open the popup, you can either:

  • click on the red stop sign or the green checkmark in the extension area; or,
  • use the keyboard shortcut Control Shift S (simultaneously)

You can choose to have highlighted text automatically sent to Solve for All. This can be useful in some cases, but probably too annoying for general use. If you disable this option, you can send text selections to Solve for All by either:

  • using the keyboard shortcut Control Shift A (simultaneously); or,
  • right-clicking the mouse to open a context menu and choose the "Search Solve for All for 'xyz'" menu item

You can also search in the omnibox by typing s, followed by a tab, then your query. Auto-completion is also available.

How to get it

The extension is available for download in the chrome web store. Enjoy!