Privacy Policy

Our philosophy

At Solve for All, we value your moral rights to privacy as if they were our own, and much more than almost any other major search engine. We believe privacy is a human right that is all too easily taken away by powerful entities and we don't intend to let them do this to our users.

What we collect

Currently, we do not save any data about your searches or your search results. In the future, we may retain some of this data, but only for the purpose of improving our answers.

How we handle requests for personal information

Except when required by law, we will not give or sell the information we collect about you to any third-parties, including any governments, without your permission. If we are required by law in the United States, where we are based, we will inform the user(s) affected, within one week receiving a request for personal information, unless bound by a legal gag order. If legal in the United States, we will also publish all requests for personal information made by credible third parties. We promise to cooperate only enough to comply with the law, to make reasonable measures to challenge the legality of such requests, and to take reasonable but legal measures to impede and delay the implementation of such requests.

We will not comply with requests for personal information of our users made by any governments that do not have jurisdiction over our business address (currently San Marcos, California, United States).

How can I trust you?

Unfortunately, the answer is you really can't, at least not yet. We want to build a reputation as a site that seriously protects its users' privacy though, as this will distinguish us from almost every other search engine besides DuckDuckGo and ixquick. And since we plan to offer paid accounts, our loyalties lie with our users, not advertisers.

Also, if it helps, the founder of Solve for All, Jeff Tsay, is a graduate (B.S. EECS, M.S. CS) of the University of California - Berkeley, an environment where liberty and freedom of speech are highly valued, and selling out is considered a bad thing. Jeff also supported Ron Paul, a libertarian, in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign.


The plugins you create and the content you upload are not considered personal data, so please exercise caution in submitting content.

Also, the above policies do not apply if we have overwhelming evidence that you are involved with human trafficking, child pornography; or committed murder, torture of innocent people or animals, or rape. If you are one of these people, may we suggest Baidu?

Policy changes

Before we make changes to this policy, we'll announce it on the main page of this site at least 30 days before the changes take effect. We also maintain a history of the changes below:

Change History

  • August 27, 2014: Initial version