Terms of Service

First of all, thanks for checking out Solve for All and bothering to read these boring policies. Most of them are common sense. There aren't any hidden gotchas in which you you grant us the right to stick a camera in your toilet and send the pictures to everybody on the internet, in exchange for using a web site. However, we encourage you to read the entire legalese below.

By using this site, you agree to these terms of service:

  • You agree to assign your rights you have to any content you upload to Solve for All to be used for the purposes of producing answers for any user. Be careful here!
  • You agree not make requests to this site except through a web browser or authorized application. (In near future, we plan to expose an API, but we are not quite ready yet.)
  • You agree not to attempt to mine, screen scrape, or otherwise extract the data on this site with any program, script, or any other automatic tool.
  • You agree not to upload any content, including images, scripts, and data, that you do not have the right to distribute, for consumption by the public, in the case of public plugins; or yourself, in the case of private plugins.
  • You agree not to upload any scripts that attempt to do any computation unrelated to the answer process. In particular, you agree not upload any scripts that attempt to compromise the security of the site or its users. (In the future, we'd love to invite hackers to try to find vulnerabilities, but we are not there yet.)
  • You agree to hold Machine Intelligence Service, Inc. harmless for deleting or modifying the content you upload to Solve for All or your preferences. We need this flexibility so we can make (possibly breaking) changes to our answer process while we are still developing, but of course, we'll try not to do this if possible. Eventually, we will probably have a paid service that will have some features that non-paid users won't have anymore.